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Audiology Assistant

Training Guide

Audiology Assistant Training
Audiology Assistant Training Guide

Below is a link to preview the Training Guide. It is Module One (of 15) and the Table of Contents. This will give you an idea of what the whole Guide entails...all 140 pages of it. The complete Training Program also includes a Supervisor's Guide and Lab Protocol that can make the training that much easier. Here is what each piece can do for you to make your training go smoothly and get your Audiology Assistant up and running in no time!




Customer Service training: This information is allocated to 4 modules throughout the 15 training modules. These modules are meant to support the clinic goals of giving every patient VIP service and focuses on how to establish rapport so that long-term relationships can be developed between patients and the Audiology Assistant.


The Audiology Assistant Protocol and Associated Documents: This information will provide the clinic with a job description and duties, the Lab Protocol and associated working documents so that they will not have to be developed from scratch. They include tracking sheets, communication sheets, hearing aid check sheets, Hearing Aid Delivery checklists, LACE commitment forms, and much more.


The Training Guide, Quizzes and Supervisor's Guide: These documents are the main working documents for the training. The Training Guide is in workbook format and is meant to stimulate conversation and hands-on training. The Quizzes will ensure information retention and direct the Supervisor to areas where further training is needed. The Supervisor's Guide will help the Supervisor understand what is being taught in each Module and allows them to direct hands-on training in a way that is specific to the individual clinic. The Supervisor's Guide also helps to guarantee a well-rounded training that includes HR and Clinic Protocols, Infection Control, homework and quiz completion and will help the Supervisor set expectations and goals while tracking training progress out to the 12 month anniversary.


More answers to questions can be found in our FAQ. As always, if there is a specific question you have, please feel free to contact us directly.

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