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Audiology Patient Care
Audiology Assistant Training Guide

The training guide consists of 15 modules. The Training Program includes things you will not find in other Audiology Assistant Training. These are the things that will make training easier and make sure it fits into your practice.

  • Supervisor's Guide

  • Lab Protocol and Best Practices for an Audiology Assistant

  • Customer Service Training

  • Audiology Assistant Training Guide in Textbook Format

  • Quizzes 


Conference speaking

Even when you're successful there are opportunities to improve. Success comes in many forms, including gaining knowledge and improving skills. It can also mean changing your mindset to try new things. Dr. Kingham is known for

  • Inspiring positive changes to help private practices prosper

  • Helping others reach their goals

  • Strategies for success and how to incorporate them

  • Maximizing your personal and clinic legacy

Small businss IT
Small Business Network Guide

Every business needs computers and a stable network. Most business owners need a little help to get it to work the way they need it for their business. This guide helps you with the following;

  • Terminology to allow you to talk to your IT person

  • The 2 basic network types used in a small business

  • How-To's for setting up a Peer-to-Peer network 

  • Pro's and Con's for each network

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