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Dr. Kingham was awarded a master’s degree in Audiology at the University of Washington and obtained her clinical doctorate from A.T. Still University. She was awarded the Future Leaders in Audiology Award in 2012 and is the Past President of Washington State Audiology Academy. She is a current member of the AAA Audiology Assistant Subcommittee. Dr. Kingham has worked in private practice since 2003, where she hired the first Audiology Assistant in Washington State and has trained and promoted Audiology Assistants since 2009.

Nichole Kingham, Au.D., ABA, AAA-F

Specializing in maximizing efficiency and training with Audiology Assistants

Speaking Topics

  • How To Incorporate an Audiology Assistant Into Your Busy Practice

You could recreate the wheel or you can use a road map. Incorporating an Audiology Assistant into your practice can be simple when you have the tools, understand what the role entails and how to make the best use of your new team member. 

  • SEO and Reputation Management in a Private Practice

Reputation Management is the new sexy. But who has the time to keep an eye on what others are saying about you on-line or the money to pay someone to do it for you? What if you can manage your reputation from the inside out? What if you could easily and affordably create raving fans who willingly wave your flag proudly? It's easy. I'll show you how.

  • The 10 Biggest Mistakes Your Front Office Can Make

You've spent countless hours creating the best processes and most efficient patient care program. You've hired the best providers and spent good money on advertising. Your Front Office staff is on the front lines. If they're not well trained, your time and money will have been wasted.  Know the Top 10 mistakes so you create a training strategy that can make sure you have the clinic you've dreamed of. 

  • Strategic Educational Selling

Changing our way of thinking starts with how we view ourselves and the partnership we establish with our patients.  Let's discuss the role of the hearing healthcare provider in the counseling process. Then, let's explore how an educational approach is the best way to marry our business goals with the expectations our patients have for us. We’ll discuss how this patient-oriented approach can help us reach our goals.

  • Developing Your Story to Create Connection

We think of stories as being told and heard. But really, stories are experienced and felt. Create connection by telling your story and learning how to help your patients tell theirs. 

Previous Audiences

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Dr. Gyl's KickAss Weekend

Phonak Practice Development

ELITE Front Desk Training

University of Washington

Washington Audiology Alliance

My mission is to empower the small business owner by providing resources to help engage today's savvy consumer. Through experience, trial and error, research and mentorship, I have developed key insights for delivering exceptional patient experiences. I want to share what I've learned so that the Audiology Private Practice doesn't become a thing of the past. 


I have a passion for practice development, protocol development, efficiency improvement, marketing strategies and staff training. I have developed an Audiology Assistant training program that is utilized in many clinics around the US and I love to speak about practice growth strategies and how to successfully incorporate audiology assistants into a busy practice.

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