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  • Dr. Nichole Kingham

3 Ways to Seamlessly Incorporate Your Audiology Assistant

So, you've hired this new person to be your Audiology Assistant in your practice. Or maybe you have a hard-working, savvy front desk person who you want to take on a few more tasks. But now you have to train them. UGH! The thought of finding MORE time in your day to make sure each team member is the most effective in their position... believe me, I know the idea can seem daunting. But the rewards when the training is done is so worth it! Let me give you 3 ways to make the process seamless:

1. Know Your State Requirements

You may be comfortable with an assistant performing certain tasks under supervision in your practice but your state may have a different idea of what is appropriate and what isn't in terms of job duties. They may also require a certain level of education or for you to track training progress. In addition, most states don't require "certification" or licensure but some do. If you're unsure of what your state requirements are, check out our State Requirements page. Or, if you need some guidance, we're glad to help.

2. Best Practice Protocols

Having a well-thought out list of Best Practices for your Audiology Assistant is essential for their success. The protocols should include a job description as well as daily, weekly and monthly required tasks and a review process that will allow you to check in on how things are going. If you don't have a list of job tasks you'd like your assistant to be completing on a regular basis, we can help. Send us an email at

3. Training Training Training!

I know it's daunting to think about trying to find time to spend 1-on-1 with an Audiology Assistant for training, but your guidance will be the quickest and most effective way to incorporate your Audiology Assistant into the practice. You know your practice best. You know your patients and your office culture. You are essential to the success of your Audiology Assistant's training. If you don't want to re-invent the wheel, we've created a step-by-step training guide for audiologists to use alongside our online Audiology Assistant training program. Want more information about our training program? Click Here.

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